Behavior Management

Positive Behavior Management and Social Emotional Learning

Award points to encourage positive behavior and character traits which improves student effort, engagement, interest, and self concept. John Hattie’s research shows improving these areas have an above average impact on student achievement. (Hattie, 2009)

Behavioral and Incident Management​

Behavior Management

An incident is an unexpected event that interrupts the normal operation.


   ✅ Minimizes the response time to the behavior incident. 
   ✅ Simplifies the referral process. 
   ✅ Supports positive behavior management where teachers can award points to improve classroom culture.

TeachersInTouch early identifies students which prevents issues. TeachersInTouch combines your Response to InterventionsMulti-Tier System of Supports (RTI and MTSS), documentation, positive Behavior management, referrals, parental engagement and more to help a school truly address the behavior issues.

Referral Management

Streamline the referral process and use the data to determine support and resource allocation. Referrals are not just the administrator’s job. Support staff are integral to the referral process.

Referral management helps ensure prompt completion of special education and efficient sharing of information for school improvement.  Referral management keeps everyone in touch with the student for academics, attendance, and behavior. 

Behavior Management

Discipline Plan

TeachersInTouch believes that each student is different and needs individualized attention. Get everyone InTouch with our referral feature in order to:

      ✅ Support the whole child. Keep track of them all too.
      ✅ Easily log behavior and interventions.

As educators, we know that attendance, behavior, and academics are interconnected. TeachersInTouch helps you to improve all three while spending less time doing it.  With its powerful design, TinTelligence and documentation, TeachersInTouch keeps kids from falling through the cracks without burning you out

TeachersInTouch Supports Classroom Management

TinTelligence is 40+ years of experience helping teachers promote a positive classroom culture and climate.

✅ Refer students not just to administrators but support staff to help students before they miss class time.

✅ Increase positive student behavior by rewarding students for meeting and exceeding behavior expectations and staying on task.

✅ Increase parental engagement by calling/emailing/texting from one place. Notify parents about positive and negative student behaviors. Easily, frequently, and meaningfully contact parents!

✅ Response to Intervention and special education documentation made easy so that ALL students get the support they need.


Students Who Are on Task Are Learning!

Improve teacher evaluation scores by creating a positive learning environment.

Improve school climate: 
✅ Teacher Redirecting students will decline by 25%.
✅ Class participation increases by 15%.

Let TeachersInTouch improve school culture and climate

The Four Big Buckets are:

Improve RTI


Create referrals to administrator, social worker, and counselor. Automatically document and support the referral.

Positive behavior management

Positively reinforce students who meet expectations with a flexible point system.


Easily engage parents

Quickly contact parents and document it too.

Response To Intervention

Provide and document support for special education students and more.


Reduce discipline infractions and suspensions

Complete paperwork without the burn out

Increase the school culture and climate safety rating

Decrease class disruption by 25%


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